Monday, July 03, 2006

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Hi everybody. For those that don't know, I film stuff. Thats what I do nowadays. I film stuff, then I edit it, then I burn it to DVD or upload it to the web. Thats what I do.

And this is my dog, Merlin. Sorry. Our Dog. And Mums. It's Mums dog too. But I give him the most pats. He's big too.

I had a chat to a local photographer today. He was a videographer* from way back. Real old school. Cool though. He's still got his first video camera. An 8mm wind-up clockwork film camera (Bolex Paillard H 16 Reflex) sits in the foyer. And it still works! Wrapped I was. Anyway I got talking to him about all sorts of stuff. He used to do all the filming for the local stories for the ABC News back in the seventies and he started when he was only 15! With a clock-work camera, he would shoot footage for a story, box the film up and drive to the airport hopefully in time to get the film on the plane to go to Brisbane in time for the news that evening, sometimes having to throw it to the pilot through the cockpit window because the plane was already on the runway ready to take off!

Me? I have never known anything but digital media. I will never know what it's like to splice film together with my own hands. Since using Macromind Director on a Macintosh II to animate 8bit drawings on the screen back in '88, I have always played with media on a computer. Love it. Now, with Adobe Production Studio and a phat puta which I will list the specs of another time, I just enjoy it more.

*CORRECTION - the term used at the time was Cinematographer.

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