Monday, September 25, 2006

Damn Micro$oft Be Atches

I went to check out this new Windows Live service Microsoft is hardly working on and I gotta tell you right now, it look exactly like a direct rip of Google and their services.

  1. Windows Live Messenger. Advertising, constantly, whether or not I ask for it. About 15 buttons by default that I will never click. Some compatibility problems with its inbred siblings, MSN Messenger & Windows Messenger. Uses nearly 35Mb RAM when it's loaded. Compare with GoogleTalk which uses about 16Mb.
  2. Windows Live Spaces. Advertising, constantly, whether or not I ask for it. Rarely works in Firfox. No spellchecker. I was unable to post after registering so the damn thing doesn't work anyway! Compare with Google's Blogger.

  3. Windows Live Search. Looks like Google. I have never got a single search to work... ever. Any search I have made gets me to a poorly crafted text-only page explaining that my search was identfied as malware and was blocked to protect their customers. The page has a link on malware that takes me to the Wiki entry for malware. Microsoft not only block my search and very generally call it malware but don't even say why it was identified as malware and palm me off to some very generic description of the word "malware" on an external non-Microsoft site. That's customer care. Customization allows me to cover the home page with exclusive Microsoft content, but the searches still don't work. No constant advertising, but that could be because they have not been able to sell advertising on a site that doesn't work. Compare with Google.

  4. Windows Live Mail and Hotmail. I've had a Hotmail account since early 1996. After it was aquired by Microsoft I've had to change my password becuase of new password restrictions. I've been flooded by spam for years because the Microsoft spam filters work about as well as a butterfly net would catching a Mac Truck. I was restricted by a 2 MB limit to my inbox (as many people in the world still are) which was brought up to 250MB ONLY to compete with Gmail's >2GB limit. And recently I've had over ten years of information deleted from my HoTMaiL account becuase I didn't sign into it for a month. Lets not forget the constant advertising whether or not I ask for it. Compare with Gmail.

  5. Windows Live Ideas. Microsoft is a big company, with lots of people. You'd think some of them would have ideas. They have a site for all the new ideas they have come up with. Four of them at the time of writing this blog. And among the four is... get this... Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail. Well I'll be... web-based e-mail and instant messaging. Who'd have thought? Compare with Google Labs.

Nobody can give me an example of one single original idea that Microsoft have come up with by themselves. They are leeches and have personally offended me with their restrictions to their services. Long live Google. Fcuk Microsoft.

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