Saturday, September 30, 2006

Have you Googled "Net Neutrality" yet?

Here is a US Senator who obviously knows very little about what he's talking about and yet he's making decisions that affect the entire Internet!

Is this the way all US Politicians speak? With that many stutters and such a blindly ignorant view of his topic, you could almost mistake him for Bush! I listened to it all and it was very hard to make any sense of what he was saying. The closing text at the end says it all.

It is important that our leaders have an understanding of the topics they attempt to control through legislation. When they don't understand, we should help provide the knowledge they need.
And it finishes with Senator Ted Stevens Fax number and jokes about e-mail not getting there quickly.
Of course his comment on how the Internet "is a series of tubes" has been the target for many IT minded comediens.

Jon Stewart gave his two cents worth on the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Until next time, surf freely, don't spam and trash chain letters.

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