Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's all about Meebo

Well if I wasn't already impressed enough about all the new Google toys, I found this amazing little site called Now, while I have managed to migrate all my Hotmail and MSN stuff across to my Google account, not all my friends have taken the same leap. I can't stand MSN Messenger and I wasn't able to put up with the instability of all-in-one messengers like Trillian so the search went on. As is the usually the case, I found an excellent solution while looking for something else. Meebo.


If you have ever found yourself on someone else's computer or at an Internet café and either you don't want to put your username and password on a strange computer or they don't have your favourite instant messaging program installed.

Meebo is the solution. You jump onto their page and sign into MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, AIM, Jabber or ICQ. Not only that, you can create Meebo widgets to put into webpages, like the one I've just stuck to the side of mine. Sure, if I'm online, go ahead and try it out. Cool eh?

If you happen to actually take the time to look at the site and log in with your MSN or GoogleTalk or whatever you use, you'll see a desktop, much like any modern operating system, with window that you can drag around, resize, minimize and close.... ALL IN A WEB PAGE!

If I have ever seen a company that Google should buy, this is it. This could be the new Google OS!

Not really... it's a nice interface and all, but its just a clever shockwave flash applet. Very cool though.

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