Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vista is here

The next Microsoft Operating System is finally here. It took them five years to actually get the stuff they copied from Apple to work properly. But is it any good? Well, it sure does look sweet - provided you don't get the Home Basic version. Way to cripple the new OS.

Here is the comparison chart so you can see what they've cut out of the crippled versions.

Windows Vista: Compare Editions

And when you've decided to go with the Ultimate Edition (what I like to call the "un-cut version") mosey on over to a local software reseller like Harris Technology and check out the prices. The upgrade versions require Windows 2000 or Windows XP. 98 and Me users cannot upgrade and have to get a full version.

From the Harris Technology site today,

Vista Ultimate $750.00 - Upgrade $495.00
Vista Business $565.00 - Upgrade $379.00
Vista Home Premium $455.00 - Upgrade $299.00
Vista Home Basic $385.00 - Upgrade $199.00

Don't buy Vista Home Basic. Don't even pirate it. Whatever you are running right now is better than Vista Home Basic. MS-DOS3 is better than Vista Home Basic. My old Commodore64 is better than Vista Home Basic. Vista Home Basic will suck the life out of your computer and leave it frail and whithered, a shell of its former self. If there is one thing you never try until the day you die, it should be Vista Home Basic. Who in their right mind could ethically install that sorry excuse for a retail product on thier machine? You can lay youre money down that Bill Gates doesn't have a single copy running on any machine at his place. Thats for sure.

Still, the one that hasn't got anything cut out of it does look pretty snazzy. Won't be too long before I'm running it here I don't think. Just got to get my hammer and pull out the piggy bank...

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Griggsy said...

Well, count me out of ever buying vista unless it comes with a PC. XP will do nicely for a long time to come. I don't think I'm going to part with $495 just to get pretty graphics. Rather put the money into my boat.