Sunday, July 08, 2007

Daniel Bowen - Toxic Custard

Daniel Bowen of is an Australian Champion. Probably not a sporting champion or a chess champion, but a champion in the more colloquial sense that he comes across as a top bloke. He's been blogging for longer than the word blog has been around and he's been an ambassador of Australia to many foreigners across the world, answering the tricky questions about our great country and offering valuable advice to visitors on what you can expect during their stay. He's been doing it since... well... back when you had to know HTML to put your thoughts on the web. And the look of the site really hasn't changed much over the years. His Guide to Australia is something everyone should browse through at least once and his blow-by-blow photographic story of how he took vengeance on his VHS video player just shows how long this site has been around. Maybe he should update it with a DVD player... or a Media Center! Anyway the Toxic Custard News (The News You Had To Have) caught my eye tonight with some mad stories, a 10 year old girl being sued by the Record Industry and Man wakes up with headache to find that he had been shot in the head while he was sleeping.

Also, Jonathan Ross from the BBC said that the logo made for the London 2012 Olympic Games resembles Lisa Simpson giving a blow job. I'm not sure what that means, but see what you think?

And to top off my theft of news from Toxic Custard, a story from his Only in America file: Firearm Owner's Identification card issued to 10-month-old baby.

Thanks Daniel for a great website that you've managed to keep great over time.


Mimi said...

I can definitley see that blowjob ... LOL

Jon said...

Yes, Jonathan Ross has ruined that logo for millions of people. I doubt you'll see it much anymore. Not sure what Lisa Simpson thinks of it either...