Sunday, July 29, 2007

A note on security

As I said on friday, be safe online.
In contrast, there are currently zero real viruses for Mac OS X. It's not that it is impossible to infect or exploit a Mac, it's that Apple hasn't shipped millions of Macs listening wide open for commands to act upon, or shipped a web browser designed to naively run programs like Microsoft's ActiveX did, or installed an email program designed to automatically run commands that arrive as attachments as Outlook did.
This is a quote from an article on as a response to and InfoWorld story about a hacker winning a competition to hack a Mac. He's clearly upset about it and it makes for a good read.

Played a gig last night at a local restaurant. Mostly jammed with the drummer to a small audience of about 15-20 people for about four and a half hours. Everyone told us we sounded pretty good and enjoyed themselves, so I'm calling it a success. We've been asked to come back again in a month so we can't have been all that bad.

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