Saturday, August 11, 2007

Progress Report

Merlin relaxing after a long and tiring yawn after watching us in the yard building stuff all day.

First of all, we lay out the blocks, all artistic like and get an idea of how we want them to look.

Then after marking in the dirt where they go, we started digging a foundation trench out.

We found a shady place to mix mud in the wheelbarrow.

Then we laid the blocks onto our new cement foundation. It's coming along well.


Kaaren said...

Good on you for giving bluud today chook, looks like it's gunna be pretty groovy out there soon!Did U rip out all the groundcover under the swing seat or am I not looking properly. See you soon xx extra wife

Jon said...

We ripped up lots of things, including the swing seat! Still lots more to do...