Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chased and caught!

Chasers War on Everything poses as APEC security guards.

They make headlines worldwide the next day when they make one hundred and forty million dollars worth of security look like the joke it was. Channel Nine cover it nicely stating the facts of what happened and providing interviews.

Channel Seven being the drama queens that they are tried to make it all look dark and menacing like they've hired the staff of Womans Weekly to put it together. Tossers.

Channel Ten show how the world took notice and also show the "insecurity passes" that state that it was all a joke.

How can they start the story off by saying its no laughing matter when the entire country is pissin' itself?

Old news now, but interesting how each channels current affairs programs portray the story. I couldn't find a story on YouTube by the ABC, but then I'm sure Chaser's War on Everything will fill us in when they can...

One thing they did do was make sure that few people heard about any of the real protests that were going on...

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