Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Guild Wars

Some areas in Guild Wars have been redecorated for Halloween. Click a picture for full a resolution version.

-Candle on a giant skull at Droknars Forge, Tyria,
overlooked by the Halloween Moon.

-Bubbling cauldron next to an eerie green ring of ghostly mushrooms
at Lion's Arch, Tyria.
Notice the Grim Reaper in the clouds.

-The ship moored at the docks at Lion's Arch swarming in lost souls.
Appears to be the same ship at Droknars Forge.
The lighthouse shines in blood red.

-Lost souls swarm around the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in Tyria.

-Tomb of the Primeval Kings is overlooked by a desert red skull moon.

-The only place outside of Tyria
that has been redecorated is Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.
I like the horses in the clouds here.

They havn't done anything for Cantha, the land of the Factions campaign.


Mimi said...

Great stuff

Kaaren said...

Allo luvvy, nice graphics in that one, say hi to your mum for me!- luv from me in Canberra