Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Most reliable, best support.

With all my excitement about Apple Mac computers lately I have had people asking me questions about them. The most common question is - "What happens when something goes wrong with it?" and as much as I'd like to answer "Nothing ever goes wrong with a Mac!", that would be bullshit. No computer is infallible. That said, Macs have a track record for being substantially more relaible than any Windows machine and Apple support is second to none.

You see, I live in a city that has no Apple store. It makes it hard for locals to consider switching to Mac when there is no local outlet to offer support - no-one you can go and see face-to-face about your problems. The nearst Apple stores are about 50 kilometers north or 100 kilometers south. This is less of a concern with those that are comfortable with the Internet as a means of communication with your computer vendor and of course there is always phone support. The number of people that I know that have computers built and sent to them from online stores like GameDude and EYO proves that we don't have a problem with buying a computer off the Internet. With the half-dozen or so computer shops in town, you always have someone that is willing to take a look at you PC, although unless you actually bought it from them they're not going to provide free local support for your non-local Internet purchase. And fair enough too.

In the past five days Apple has sold two million copies of OS X Leopard since it's release and for the most part the world loves it like they never loved Microsoft's bastard child. Apple are being praised for the reliability of their Mac computers and the quality of their support. A few people are finding faults with the new OS while most others are going ga-ga over it. Some people are even trying to get Leopard running on their PC's! And while I ordered my Mac on the day Leopard was released and they still havn't even shipped it, I'm sure I'll forget all about that once it arrives...

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