Sunday, November 04, 2007

7th Anniversary


-click the pic to see the wishb0ne snap!
We've been married for seven years today!

Happy anniversary baby!

-Cilla again!
Anniversary wishes can be left in comments.


Maryanne said...

Happy Anniversary Jon & Cilla!!!!
Here is some info i found on the 7th Wedding Anniversary. Probably useless info but i was bored.

Traditional 7th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Copper and Wool.

A contemporary or modern 7th anniversary gift has a theme of Desk Set.

The flowers associated with the 7th anniversary are Jack-in-the-pulpit

The Gemstone list shows Lapis Lazuli and Onyx associated with this Wedding Anniversary.


Hope you guys have a great day!!!!

Luv Mary, Bill, Nathan & Jayden

Jon said...

Thanks Mary,

According to Cilla's anniversary guide book, its aluminium or copper so I went for aluminium and got her the Mac Mini!