Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thoughts of the moment

I've just finished installing Linspire 6.0 on the box that I just exorcised Vista from. Linspire still feels a little clunky to use but it should do the job. There just doesn't seem to be the passion put into it that there was when Micheal Robertson was the driving force behind the project. I may actually try to track down a copy of Windows2000 Professional to serve if I don't gel well with Linux.

Not only are Macs better, but they're cheaper than Windows PCs causing many Apple fan sites to start exclaiming "Mac has won!" comparing resale value when selling your computer.
"After just a year or two of use, a Windows machine gets so gummed up with spyware, viruses and other nasty stuff that it seems malicious to ask anybody for money for the thing."
-Farhad Manjoo, Machinist: Tech Blog
I love our new Mac, it's too cool. Already three family members have purchased Macs this year not including our purchase of our Mac Mini and about four mates have told me that they are definitely going to get one!

It's election time and it looks like Howard's fighting an uphill battle. Daniel gets dramatic about the environmental issues. It an alright read.

Businesses that only run Microsoft Windows are turning to Apple for their server needs!

Targeting for Metal Storm


Anonymous said...

Its Robertson, not Robinson btw

Jon said...

I stand corrected