Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seventy percent Mac

Figures released in an article from Apple Watch have reported that although only 14% of all computers sold through retail channels during the first quarter of '08 were Macs, for computers bearing a price tag over US$1000 Apple account for 70% of all sales!

It has been my experience that the kinds of people that buy these kind of high-end computers are computer enthusiasts, musicians, video enthusiasts, and of course gamers. If game companies are watching these figures - and you can be pretty sure that they are - they have got to realize that with that many high-end Macs out there then there must be a market for high-end Mac games.

This other article from the same site is filled with similar news about Apple's second quarter for '08. With sites like Engadget with their "2007 Engadget Awards" listing Vista as the "Worst Gadget of the Year" and handing out "Best Gadget of the Year" to - yes, of course - Apple's iPhone. Apple scored about a dozen awards all up. Microsoft scored "Game Console of the Year" with the Xbox360 (considering what Engadget awarded Vista I can't see Microsoft advertising the fact). Despite everyone being wrapped up in the iPhone it was a Sony Ericsson that took away "Cellphone of the Year"

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In other news, Mick has started a blog where he tells of his switch to linux.

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