Thursday, November 06, 2008

Windows 3 put to rest.

When I first started using PC's in the nineties after playing with various other computers like Amiga 500, Macintosh II, Amstrad and Commodore 64, PC's running DOS seemed like an archaic operating system compared to AmigaOS and Apple's Operating System with their icons and pull down menus and mouse pointers.  The only way to make a PC look and behave anything like those computers was to load up Microsoft Windows.  

A friend of mine- back in about ' 88 - once tried to teach me how wonderful  Windows 1 or 2 was and showed me how he could use windows and icons and a mouse!  Wow!  A mouse!  Needless to say, having a colour Macintosh at home, I left unimpressed with his demonstration.

But when I left the Apple camp and discovered PC's for myself, through a new phenomenon called "Deathmatch" in the form of the original Doom game played against up to three other computers on an IPX network over coax cable, Windows was up to version 3.x.  That was some time during 1993-94 - before Windows95 was released.

Well, something that I think most people didn't know was that, although support was discontinued in 2001, you could still buy a license from Microsoft to run Windows 3.x....  until.... now.  Microsoft, after over eighteen years since the release of Windows 3.0, is no longer selling licenses for perhaps their most landmark OS.

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