Friday, January 02, 2009

Road Trip to Toowoomba

We bought a camera today!  It's a Nikon Coolpix L16.  Cheap as, but not too bad.  We are heading down to Toowoomba to go to a wedding and we have dearly missed having a digital still camera since our Canon died.
We took the 'back way' to Toowoomba, a route neither of us have navigated before, consequently we ended up taking a few wrong turns here and there but that just made for a more scenic drive.  
On the way down we say something strange.  There was a tiny church on the side of the road that look as though smoke were coming out of the steeple on it.  But it didn't quite look like smoke.  Then we notices that the tops of many of the gum trees were were passing had a similar clouds flowing from them.  Obviously not smoke.  We stopped to take a few photos.

When we stopped we immediatly notice one thing.  The flies!  There were millions of them.  We quickly realized that the dark clouds hanging from the tree tops were hundreds of thousands of flies.  So we got the hell out of there.

It was overcast for the entire trip which made for a cool ride for this time of year and there was evidence of recent rain all the way down.  It's nice to see that Queensland is getting a bit of rain.

We arrived in one piece, our scenice route taking about seven hours.  We go to the wedding tomorrow!

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