Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday, we received the most terrible news.

Kris and Sid, who we visited in Toowoomba earlier this month for their wedding, were involved in a road accident in Victoria while on their honeymoon.

Sid died in the crash.  Kris was injured and taken to hospital.

Everyone who knew Sid knows that this tragedy has taken from us one of the most compassionate, intelligent, gentle and loving souls we have ever known.  We are all going to miss him dearly.

Krissy's family flew down to Victoria yesterday to be with her.

Our thoughts today are with Krissy and the family that Sid leaves behind.


Anonymous said...

This is the most Saddest thing
I think that I have ever heard.
My condolences to Krissy, there
entire family and friends.

I hope Krissy gets well soon.

JonDgar said...

ABC News report (inaccurately) on the story.

JonDgar said...

Mildura Independent Online (photo of the car)

Laura (aka Choppy) said...

Dear Jon,

Even though I didn't know your 2 friends, my heart breaks for your loss, your families loss and the great sense of sadness that would be surrounding you all at this point in time.

These things are never easy to overcome as they seem like just a senseless loss of life.

My thoughts are with you.

Laura (aka Choppy)