Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hung Parliament.

I like the NBN idea. I don't like the proposed mandatory filter. Labour were in favour of both. Libs wanted to scrap both.

*Gazes off into space and imagines the entire Parliament. Hung.

Y'know, this hung parliament might be alright. The balance of power in the minor seats, it seems to me, could force the two sides to work together. Wouldn't that make sure that really good ideas like the NBN gets completed while completely useless things like the filter will be deservedly scrapped in favour of more effective programs like better education and online tools for parents? Wouldn't it allow the entire government to have a say in how projects like the home insulation scheme and school buildings program are run - both of which could have been run better. Could we be in for a term of Government where both sides are in a position of equal responsibility - and blame? Will we see a Government formed that will accurately represent the will of the people of this country?

A hung parliament seems like a pretty good opportunity to make this happen. I'm no expert on politics and government. Am I mistaken in this assumption?

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