Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Something I have never been able to do to my satisfaction is take a photo of the moon. Sure, I've sat out in the yard and clicked off two or three hundred shots at the moon with my little Canon A85 and every now and then I'll get one or two that have a nice effect like this one over the trees near my place, but there is never any detail. The moon just turns into a big white solid. I'll have to ask a photographer about it one day.

I got my "Blue Card" yesterday evening after completing a Workplace Health and Safety 'Construction Safety Induction' at TAFE. It cost me $75 and about three-and-a-half hours. Basically, you are required to have one to be on any kind of construction site in Queensland and having one means you should know general safety procedures. A monkey on drugs could pass the course and I am sure a few already have. It is almost impossible to fail seeing as the test is multiple choice and if you get any wrong you get told to try those ones again, and again, and... well there is only 4 choices... The class was told that we are all expected to get 100% on the test. It is clear that everyone does.

It's actually like I bought a 'Blue Card' for $75 and the government has found yet another way to grab a quid out of us. Don't all the construction companies make you do their own safety induction anyway?

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