Friday, July 07, 2006

Rig Disclosure

I sat down to work today and loaded my current video editing project, a dance festival for The Gladstone Dynamic Dance Centre, and my whole computer just ground to a halt. 1 Gig of RAM just doesn't do the trick. I ordered two pair of 1Gig Corsair TWINX sticks and now I wait to load 4GB DDR 400 into my rig. That should fix it.

AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+
Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPT (2-2-2-5) (1GB soon to be replaced with 4GB)
XFX GeForce 7800 GTX OC 256MB
Two Seagate 320GB SATA HDDs
WesternDigital 250GB SATA HDD
Pioneer DVR-110D DVD Writer
TP-II 550 TruePower 2.0 550Watt Powersupply
Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower Case
ch Media Keyboard Elite
Logitech MX518 Optical Mouse
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick
(not for video editing)
Epson Stylus Photo R210
Samsung SyncMaster 913v
and some set of generic headphones that I can't find the brand of.

She's called Blackpearl because the silver side panels on the case get this wicked mother-of-pearl effect in sunlight.

*I only have one GeForce7800GTX in the rig at the moment, deciding that I (my wallet) could live without SLI for a little while, but this may have proven to be a mistake. New graphics cards are coming out and it is getting hard to find the exact same card. It is usually a good idea to get identical cards if you are going to set up an SLI rig. I may end up having to get two cards at the same time and sell the 7800 if I ever decide to go to SLI. Pair of 7950s?

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