Thursday, November 16, 2006

Statcounter finds Artist without a Muse

I was going over the statistics of my blog from Statcounter after a discussion with the owner of The Daily Mercury about what web browsers people use and what resolutions they have their screens set to. This is interesting information for any web site owner and Statcounter supply it for free. They will gather information like
  • What page visitor entered your site
  • and what page they left your site from
  • what site they came from
  • what search engine they came from
  • what keywords they used to find you in a search engine
  • which operating system they were using
  • which browser they were using
  • what resolution they had their screens set at
  • how many return visits you get
  • how long they stayed
  • what country they are from
  • and even what their IP address was
Plus the StatCounter site has plenty of good information on how to increase traffic to your site and get good listings on search engines.

Anyhoo, one site that a couple of visitor had come from was Artist without a Muse. This guy is doing a painting of a finch in watercolour and uploading scans of it as he paints and invites comments and criticism. He also posts other images that he is working on - from his work I assume - and he seems quite talented. He doesn't say much but the art is good.

So there.

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