Monday, November 20, 2006

Guild Wars

Well, I have finally tried out my first retail MMORPG. A good mate of mine has been playing World of Warcraft for some time now and has invited me a few times to join the fun. I've had difficulty with the idea of paying a subscritpion to a game since Blizzard brought out the pay-to-play concept. There is no way I am going to pay a monthly fee to play a game. Nothing against the game, I'm sure its quite good. In fact I have been told by many that it is excellent. I'm just not paying for it. When I buy a game, I like to own it.

Enter GuildWars.

Anyone who has had to decide between the two has done the Google searches and found plenty of people arguing over which is better and it usuall seems to come down to money. GuildWars you pay for once and play it for as long as you like and World of Warcraft has a monthly subscribtion fee. World of Warcraft gets more regular updates and new levels and areas to explore. GuildWars has expansion packs which cost about as much as the original game. Harvey Norman have first month trials of World of Warcraft sitting on their front counter here in Gladstone for two dollars. If anyone want to see what it's like, thats a good start.

The thing with paying a monthly subscription is that it lasts a month whether you play or not. This fact alone means that WoW players are going to play more so they can get more bang for their buck. Who has time to eat or sleep or spend time with family when your subscription is ticking away, second by second? One solution is to get an account for each family member, then you could always be together...

Forget that. Buy a game and play when you want. Thats me. It's not like GuildWars doesn't get updated. And I'm not losing anything when spending time IRL. There doesn't seem to be much difference in gameplay. It's a fantasy setting and you go around beating up fantasy creatures with other people online. There are places where you can play against your mates. It's all there. It cost about $75.00 on the credit card to get a key to play the game. The game client had to be downloaded and at about 300Mb, it was a hefty download, but considering a fantasy adventure game like Oblivion or Dungeon Seige usually weighs in at well over twice that size, it's not bad.

Anyhoo. Adventure on!


starez said...

Yeah - its not quite like u make out there dude. Compare it to pay TV - yes u pay monthly, howeva u dont feel the need to watch ur paytv every second in case u miss a show. The fact that ppl do do this with WoW simply boils down to the fact that its a highly addictive game - the subscription (using cards) is on a 60 day cycle - ( i can go HOURS without loggin in)

Dgar said...

LOL. I can't say anything bad about WoW game itself. I have still yet to play it and from what I've heard and the screenshots I've seen its a far prettier game than Guild Wars. I want to make it clear however, that I should feel free to rubbish the subscription service.


Jon said...

I take it back. Now that I've played WoW, I can say that the graphics are NOT as good as those in Guild Wars,