Thursday, November 30, 2006

Diving again

Cilla and I are going diving this weekend at Lady Musgrave Island. This is our second visit to Lady Musgrave. Last time we went there was for our first SCUBA diving experience, the "PADI Discover SCUBA Diving" introductory dive course. I was sick on the way there and I was sick on the way back. I vomited into a bag on the trip back at the same time as accepting the certificate for completing the course! While I was there though, I had a great time. Motion sickness goes away pretty quick once you've stopped. Never stepped a single foot on the island the whole time we were there. We did two dives and then it was time to go. Now we're going back.

We should be doing at least two of the five dives which go towards our
"PADI Advanced Open Water Diver" certification. To obtain our Advanced, we need to do five "Adventure Dives". Two types of Adventure Dive are required for our Advanced. They are "Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive" and "Deep Adventure Dive". After that we need to do three other adventure dives of our choice.

On this trip we will be doing the "
Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive" and "AWARE - Fish Identification Adventure Dive". We are still deciding on which two Adventure Dives we are going to do with the "Deep Adventure Dive" to get our Advanced. Cilla wants to do the "Night Adventure Dive" which I reckon would be really freaky, and we already have a underwater housing for our Canon digital camera so the "Underwater Photography Adventure Dive" is an obvious choice. If I ever get an underwater housing for my video camera I'd love to take it with me too - "Underwater Videography Adventure Dive".

Unless we are forbidden to take our camera with us during the course, I should be posting some photos next week of our adventure. Don't forget to breathe, stay away from rays and we should be fine.

Photo lifted from an Australian Government Website without permission. If anyone notices, let me know so I can freak out.

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