Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Meebo gone

I got rid of Meebo from the sidebar. It's a great idea, but the fact that you had to go to the Meebo website and sign in and keep that website open in case someone surfs in and wants to chat just made it too cumbersome. I'd maybe put it back if I could get some kind of Meebo tray icon or Google Desktop widget. Probably wouldn't though. It's still a good site to remember when you are on a foreign computer so you can log into pretty much any IM on a web page, but the Meebo Me thing is history.



MattG said...

I found this same annoyance while adding Meebo Me to my weblog. I read that you could add your meebo account to any IM client that supports Jabber. So, I added it to my Gaim config and sure enough...the people that chat with me from my website would popup on Gaim. That eliminates the need to visit the meebo website all the time. I don't use meebo me much, but it's still a cool idea.

Dgar said...

Thanks mattg, I'll give that a go.