Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's pronounced "Wee"

You can get a Nintendo Wii now it's been released here in Australia. It retails for $399.95, if you can find a retailer that isn't sold out. They certainly do look like a lot of fun and the console comes with Wii Sports included so you get to play something while you wait for them to print more copies of the games that also sold out. It seems Wii Sports is more than enough to tide some people over with Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing. Here is a Wii owner who is really enjoying the Boxing game.

Apparently its not all fun and games for some people who have experienced some undesirable side-effects from getting too immersed in the game. The Internet has a website for just about everything and people who have smashed their 42" plasma screen because the wrist strap on their Wii controller snapped while they were pitching a baseball... well they are no exception. Check it out at "Wii Have A Problem"

Hmm, suddenly the projector on a Besser Block wall seems to have an advantage...

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