Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Worst ISP Ever

For those Telstra and Bigpond users that still think there is only one choice, allow me to bring to your attention to the fact that you are dealing with "Australia's Worst Tech Company". Their phone rental is now up at a price comparable to Pay-TV and their Broadband service ... well, sucks! Put it this way... when my mates and I play online games and we have VoIP software set up to talk to each other, it is the BigPond users amongst us that keep dropping out and complaining of lag. On the bright side, its is sometimes so bad we can't even hear them complain.

Add to my scathingly biased view of these scumbags the survey results done by PC Authority that says that one half of all Telstra customers would not recommend the service to a friend. A fifty percent customer satisfaction rate is not a good thing people.

Out of every product and service in the entire survey, nobody else’s scores were worse. Ross concluded, ‘Our survey is very clear: Australia’s biggest tech company is also its worst’.
- PC Authority about Telstra, 30th November 2006

It is also interesting to note that the survey suggests that people trust some online shops more than they trust the physical walk-in variety with the highest "brick-and-mortar" shop being 15th on the list and Harvey Norman ending up at 36 out of 37!

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