Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where few men have gone before

I just finished watching the video on the front page of Virgin Galactic where you can already now book your flight to the final frontier and experience the amazing view of Earth from space and the feel of Zero G for yourself.

Sir Richard Branson is doing an extraordinary job in bringing space travel to people who would otherwise spend their life relatively earth-bound. There are plans to build five spaceships and two motherships. Motherships are the aircraft that lift the spaceships over 15 kilometers into the sky before they launch into space. After the spaceships detatch from the mothership they enter a "boost" stage that lasts about 90 seconds in which the ship accellerates to over 4000 kph putting the stress of about 3 to 4 g on the passengers. The spaceships will reach a height of about 110 kilometers before beginning the 30 minute descent that will subect you to 6 to 7 g on re-entry. Sound like an experience you'd want? Start saving, because the current cost of a seat is around $200,000 US.

Live long and prosper.

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