Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Wii

Okay, we're a week into the new year and I've yet to update my blog. For starters...


Right, that's over with...

Since my last entry I have actually laid a Wii controller in my hands. I swung and twisted and played and marvelled. It was the most fun twenty minutes I've had this year. I tried out Red Steel, Wii Sports Baseball and Wii Sports Golf. Then I had to go home.

It's not my Wii, you see,
Harvey Norman could only get three,
There was one for him but not for me,
Now his missus plays Zelda endlessly.

I may one day, play again with his Wii.
Oh to play golf and hit off the tee,
A projector on a Besser block wall is the key,
An evening of Red Steel inspired by three C's.

I went into K-Mart with Mark to get a second Wii controller and when they sold it to him they warned him that some people have been having problems with the straps breaking! Wow! Check out Wiihaveaproblem to see some of the carnage this console has inflicted on the world since its release. Nintendo are issuing new stronger straps for free to anyone who has an original weak-ass strap on their controller.

2007 looks to be another year of shitty television from America with a few exceptions. Boston Legal and Scrubs are still going. British television kicked arse last year with Doctor Who and Robin Hood as well as an awesome series of nature documentaries narrated by Sir David Attenborough. I'm looking forward to see what comes out of the BBC this year. Australian television seems to be stuck trying to imitate the reality shows of our Yankee mates. It's a shame really. Its all crap.

I'm always looking for something to watch, especially online. Video on Demand (VoD) is where its at. The main problem is that there are not many companies releasing high quality content for free viewing online. There are plenty of places showing of amateur showcases like Atomfilms. There are a few places where people can show just about any crappy video like YouTube or Google Video. Radio went online without any hesitation. I was tuning into radio stations back in the late 90's with RealPlayer over dial-up! Today you can find radio stations from all over the world streaming across the Internet on sites like Radio-Locator, but if you do find a site that supposedly streams television, its either news or crap. Tell me if you know otherwise!

If you look hard enough, there is some good stuff out there. Not what you'd call broadcast television quality, but there is plenty of good amateur stuff. I surfed in on a site called aniBOOM which is dedicated to animations. Lots of good stuff there. I liked Lizzy the Lezzy.

The ABC have a section of their site dedicated to VoD with latest news and weather, but also has selected content from past shows like 'Enough Rope with Andrew Denton' and 'The New Inventors'. And it has more. Complete online documentaries, kids shows, indie films and educational shows. Kudos to the ABC! Well done.


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