Saturday, January 27, 2007

Save the Internet more

In September last year I wrote and posted videos about Net Neutrality - "Net Neutrality" on the 15th and "Have you Googled 'Net Neutrality' yet?" on the 30th - in the hopes of educating my few loyal readers about the problem. Since then, has had a great deal of success in expanding awareness about Net Neutrality and explaining the implications of what will happen to users like us if these issues are not dealt with.

We don't seem to hear too much about Net Neutrality here in Australia but it is an issue here. We have big companies running our network pipes and the Government has pretty much passed the Telstra torch on. They have already started doing "whatever they damn well feel like and if you don't like it you can just suffer in your jocks". But to think that the way Net Neutrality is handled in the United States won't affect us here is niave to say the least. The vast majority of our content is US based. Ebay, Amazon, Google, MSN. These are all American companies.

Microsoft already have partnerships with Channel Nine. If Telstra decided that it could boost its profits but cutting a deal with Microsoft that gave MSN priority over Google, then you could find your Google services start to run slowly or even be unable to connect at all, while NineMSN and all your MSN services worked fine, to the extent that even my humble blog, hosted by Google, and millions like it may be unreachable by anyone connecting through BigPond.

Of course, I've just used Microsft as an example. They'd never violate Net Neutrality. They're an official supporter of Net Neutrality, as is Google, Ebay, Amazon, Intel, Earthlink, Vonage and Yahoo! among many others.

Net Neutrality is a serious issue and we need to be aware of it because it affects the world.

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