Friday, February 23, 2007

A bright light and three periods... dark ones...

Some people say they don't feel safe with a tank of hydrogen residing under their derriere, but I gotta say if we don't do something about reducing pollution, we're all going to be up the creek... or the creek is going to come up to us.

They kinda lost me a bit about membranes and electrons and stuff but they had me back at clean and quiet and having an intellectual video like this on my blog makes me look smarter! I did like the bit about how it doesn't pollute and only makes water and heat. Yay, lets all avoid extinction and use electric fuel cells to run everything!

This guy in the next video seems to be onto something. Oxy torch... but runs on water. Car that runs on water. Government contract to make military vehicles that run on water...

Don't seem to hear much about it. It doesn't look like an April Fools joke or anything. Can anyone elaborate? Did goons buy this guy out? Has he gone missing? Is he going to save the world?

This is the kind of technology that should be made public domain. Imagine a seawater desalinating plant being run off the water it pumps out of the ocean. Imagine that same power supply pumping fresh water into the middle of deserts in Africa, Australia, Asia and the US. That's the kind of technology that one imagines would go a long way towards world peace. A clean and reliable source of water could put an end hunger worldwide. And I don't believe for a second that this would put people out of jobs. In fact I reckon it'd create lots new ones. Someone would have to build and maintain the water pipes and generators, farming would be rejuvenated, the areas of land that would become habitable would be able to help support our fast growing population... maybe. People would have more time to innovate and advance technology. People would be less worried about dying due to advances in medicine, and that could in itself could lower birth rate, lessen that primeval urge to propagate quickly so as to preserve the species.

Am I babbling? I'll stop now...

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gledwood said...

Hydrogen is just one means of cutting pollution/carbon emissions etc... What about the obvious remedy of simply GROWING fuel. I'm so angry nobody told me this was an answer far earlier in my life. I mean why on earth use the remedy of digging miles under the earth for fossilized oil reserves? It's ONLY because there are such reserves under parts of Texas/etc and because certain individuals have amassed $$$billions from their value that the world's automobiles use petrol at all. Originally the model T was going to run on ethanol. Also petrolchemicals have given massive power & influence to a part of the world (the Middle East) that even America doesn't really want to have power ... so why let this corruption continue a day longer than it has to??

Dgar said...

I agree. We need to be looking at all alternatives we can think of. We need to be more than just looking at them now. We need to implement them. And quickly. Al Gore said we got ten years, but thats until everything is already gone to hell. We need to act now!

Chris, Belinda and Deakin said...

The guy in the above video is Denny Klein and his company is Hydrogen Technology Applications. The gas he uses goes by the name of Aquygen.

From all the information I can gather this is a complete SCAM. The only site I can find that verifies his work is his own website.

Go here:
and read.

You will need a degree in Chemistry
to understand what there talking about but they seem to know their stuff.

Dgar said...

Hi Chris and thanks for commenting.

Denny Klien isn't the only one reported to come up with this kind of technology. Stan Meyer is another good Google search. Stan refused to give in to pressure to stop development of his water powered buggy and would up poisoned according to one site I found. There are also plenty of rumors about people coming up with this kind of technology and keeping very quiet about it to avoid the same fate. I can only hope that the Internet gets enough people interested in the idea that this kind of technology becomes common knowledge and can't be suppressed, which seems to be what's happening now.