Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hit Number One!

I was checking through my StatCounter page (follow the link "View My Stats" under "The Counter" in the bar down the side) and I always check "Came From" statistics with fairly keen interest. My blog has been online for over a year now and I've had hits from all over the world. I've even got a hit from someone at!

What made this last examination remarkable was that I had got a couple of hits from people searching on Google. You can try this now. Goto Google and search D'gar and D'gar HQ is top of the list. Cool! But there was another one from Google Germany searching for Talisman "Forth Edition". Notice the mis-spelled "Fourth". I mis-spelled it here in my blog Talisman is back! and now anyone else in the world who might mis-spell it will find a fine example of my poor spelling. Lovely.

Also made a first page for the search, albeit at the bottom of the first page for myspace layouts big speakers, although, something I didn't mention in my blog post MySpace, people looking for MySpace layouts rarely find what they are looking for. In my search for MySpace layouts, I found more posts about how hard it is to find MySpace layouts that I actually found sites offering MySpace layouts. I also didn't mention big speakers in that post, but they are something I like to play with...

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