Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paving the patio

More paving. These are some second-hand pavers that we scored from the renovation of Scotties Bar & Restaurant a couple of years ago. They ripped up the paving at the back of the restaurant with a little bobcat and scooped them into a dump truck which emptied them out on the side of our driveway in a pile of rubble that resembled... well, a pile of rubble. Cilla and I sifted through the pile sorting out the pavers from the paving sand and stacking them in what used to be my parking spot. They've finally been put to good use in our new patio area and should cut down the dust that gets walked through the house, hopefully... There is still plenty to go but it's already starting to look prime!

It was dark when we finished up today and I had just hosed them down when I took this photo. When they're wet, you can see the colour. As they're being laid, they just look grey and dusty. I expect it seems to be taking longer than usual to pave an area this size. That's because each tile needs to be cleaned off from the caked on paving sand from their previous home. Cilla commented today how it takes hours to clean them and only a fraction of the time to lay them. But it is certainly getting there!

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