Thursday, September 20, 2007

Screw Vista

Seriously. This is bad software. I was hanging out for a copy of Vista so bad and when it was released it was the single biggest dissapointment in my personal history of computers. I've whinged about Microsoft before but this from the Get Off Microsoft blog really takes the cake.

"Vista is also not as secure and failure-proof as Microsoft would have you believe. The company’s stealth updates and bug fixes for Vista — performed without user knowledge or approval, and even when automatic updating was turned off — have raised many more questions than Microsoft answered when it admitted doing it this week. For example, is this silent update capability a security vulnerability that could be exploited by others?"

Apparently these updates happened to XP users as well. Sorry, but that isn't the kind of behaviour one should expect from a company that has a representitive on the vast majority of all the personal computers in the world. Yet another reason why my next PC will be a Mac. But also, I have to kill this Vista machine in the loungeroom as quickly as possible! What to do...

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