Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sub-standard search

It is probably because my blog posts may seem, to some readers, a little anti-Microsoft. Or it might be the permanent link to Get Off Microsoft in my sidebar. It might just be the pro-open source software or even the iPraise.

My blog can not be found on any Microsoft search. Not Live search. Not MSN search. Can't be found.

D'gar HQ
This search will land my blog on the top of the list in Yahoo!, Google, Altavista and I can only assume that my site has been censored by Microsoft.

Doesn't that make their search inaccurate?

Why is a commercial entity allowed to affect free speech in this way?

And get this. The End-User Licence Agreement in the Microsoft web page creation software - Front Page - forbids users to use the software to write anything anti-Microsoft!

Considering their monopoly status - and no-one disputes Microsoft's monopoly status - should they be allowed to censor the searches they provide to the millions of people who use their search every day?

Pretty rude, I think!

And you know what else? I went to check out Mimi's Blog which was on my sidebar too, but I couldn't read it unless I signed up for MSN or Live or whatever they're calling it. So you can't even read MSN Spaces blog sites unless you register with Microsoft! They've missed the point of blogging. They've missed the point of the Internet. It is supposed to be a platform for free speech and freedom of information. They're not helping.

Not that anyone using MSN will ever be presented with the opportunity to read this. Microsoft has decided for you that you don't need this information and you certainly shouldn't be reading my opinions!

Sorry Mimi. There's always Blogger!


Mimi said...

Hi Jon,

It wasn't Microsoft, it was me, sorry. I changed my permissions to private, not thinking just who it would affect. I have now put it back on public viewing.
Still quite new to this blogging thing.


Jon said...

It is never your fault Mimi. Obviously the interface to Microsoft's tools are difficult to use and non-intuitive, otherwise you would not have made such a mistake!