Thursday, November 29, 2007

My LG air-conditioner warranty issue


I love LG stuff. I have quite a few LG products like my microwave and big screen LCD. And for the most part, Life's Good.

But then there's my air-conditioner. Its a big expensive 3600 BTU split system.

It's got problems.

Which isn't surprising. Things do break down. Shit happens.

If it happens under warranty you expect it to be fixed or replaced fairly quickly.

Apparently that's not the way LG works.

It's been over two months since we lodged a service call with LG. That was back when the weather wasn't so damn hot. It's getting beyond a joke now.

Here is LG Consumer Complaints Procedures as outlined on their website today 29th November, 2007.
LG's rights and responsibilities when handling a customer complaint
  • To continually improve LG’s standard of customer service.
  • An aim that all complaints are resolved in a positive and expedient manner and all complaints are treated fairly.
  • You can expect to be kept informed of proposed actions, expected timeframes and the progress of the resolution of the complaint.
  • If LG requires time to investigate your complaint, we will contact you as soon as information becomes available, usually within five working days.
  • LG acknowledges that a complaint received gives LG the opportunity to maintain confidence in its product or services.
I don't see how they are implementing these procedures. Even since my days at working as a sales person selling whitegoods I have never seen a worse company when it comes to customer service.

My complaint certainly hasn't been resolved in a positive and expedient manner.

I have never been contacted by LG or one of their agents to keep me informed of the progress of my complaint - perhaps they're hoping I will forget that my air-conditioner has stopped working.

The last point is the one that just takes the cake. They acknowledge that a complaint received gives LG the opportunity to maintain confidence in it's product and service - but they don't take advantage of this opportunity. Why bother making that point if you are not going to even try!

The service agents are no better. The first one came out and looked at it, said it was broken and needed to order a part for it.

We never saw him again.

After waiting weeks we called LG again and they told us that they have a new service agent. The new agent sent someone around and they also left telling us that they needed to order a part. It was a surprise when they came back less than a week later with a spare part. It was even more surprising was that the spare part was actually for the model air conditioner we had. What wasn't surprising was that the part didn't fix the unit. They left to order another spare part and we have yet to see them again.

I rang the service agent on Monday and they said they will hopefully be around Wednesday (yesterday). He really stressed that they were "hopeful" that they'd make it out.

It's Thursday now and of course I didn't hear from LG or Don Andrewartha's 'Prizeman Electrical & Refrigeration' so I called LG. LG didn't sound surprised (or worried) that my issues still wasn't resolved and rang their agent for me while they put me on hold. When they got back they said I've been booked in for next Wednesday - a full week after they told me they'd be out.

I get the feeling I'm being fucked around and I don't like it very much. We spent a lot of money on this air-con and other LG products and they don't seem to give a shit. I'm so angry... I could swear on my blog!

It's interesting that a Google search for LG air conditioner warranty turns up pages of people with similar complaints.

This from
...the service is pathetic/non existent.... Just to get them out to service it takes weeks, then they have to get the parts in, and they seem to forget about you...
...Wow! LG's customer service is absolutely non existent. The should be totally emabarrassed that an air conditioner under warranty has taken 2 months to be fixed...
And these comments aren't even from people in Australia! LG Service gets the same complaints worldwide!

This really is pissing me off big time because LG make some really nice products and when they work, they work well. But their failure to live up to their own policies has destroyed my faith in this brand. You can be sure I won't ever buy an LG air-con ever again.

I hope nothing ever goes wrong with my LCD screen...

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Jan said...

"I hope nothing ever goes wrong with my LCD screen..."

OMG I do hope you had everything crossed (fingers, toes, eyes) and was touching a big chunk of wood when you said that..

Not that we are superstitious