Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flying Ant Invasion

We got some rain here the other day... not sure how much, our 125mm rain gauge overflowed. Then last night we got invaded by flying ants. Lots of them.

I was working on my computer last night, quite engrossed with what I was doing when a flying ant landed on my screen. I picked it off and continued to work. Moments later another landed. It was at this time I noticed a fluttering sound coming from behind me. I looked around and the floor on the other side of the room was crawling with them. Thousands of them. They appeared so quickly! And I had all the windows and doors closed! So I turned off all the inside lights and computer screens to lure them to the outside light. It was like a magnet! They pretty much started to march out the door to the light. That was when I went outside... and this is what I saw...

Which isn't much different from what I saw inside. They were pretty much all gone in about an hour. Well, the living, flying ones were. There was plenty of debris left behind.

There was some vacuuming this morning!

LG said their service agent should be turning up tomorrow...

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