Monday, December 24, 2007

All Full

Our pond and both our water tanks are overflowing. We've had some awesome steady rain throughout the night accompanied by frequent lightning and thunder and the whole place is much better off for it... except our driveway. The gardens love it but it doesn't do dirt roads favours.

Merlin, the merle great dane usually get very agitated during lightning storms but he seems to have gotten over it in these twilight years of his life. He seemed to sleep through most of it without trying to run inside and squeeze himself under a bed which was a pleasant change.

As usual, when I want to take a photo the camera batteries are flat and by the time they are charged I will have well and truely missed the picture I wanted to take. Ni-MH batteries are bloody useless because they don't seem to be able to hold a charge just sitting in the drawer. I chage them up and put them in the drawer and then put them in the camera less than a week later and they won't even turn it on.

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