Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Little Gremlins

My bro said that's what LG stands for. When it comes to my air-con I think he may be right. As promised our friendly service agent turned up bright and early with a shiny new bit for my air-con and spend the morning pulling it to bits and putting it back together. Apparently we're not done though, there are still some problems with it and they'll be back in the morning.
How does
They're over there with their stuff.
You're over there with your stuff
translate to
There over there with there stuff.
Your over their with your stuff
just because you're on the Internet?

Sure, the spell checker doesn't pick it up but that doesn't make it right!

Phew! I'm so hot - in a 'temperature' sense. It's ten to eleven pee em and it's boiling My aircon still isn't working. Central Queenland is cookin'. Garr!

Uncovered: Evidence that Mac OS X could run Windows apps soon
- By David Chartier of Ars Technica
And that's it really...

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