Monday, March 31, 2008

That great big dog house in the sky.

Today our puppy Merlin passed away.

We say goodbye to our faithful friend and companion.

Those that knew Merlin are invited to leave a comment below.


Maryanne said...

So sad to hear about Merlin. My first memory of him was how he approached my car and stuck his head through the window, i just thought what a big dog. The boys will miss him too. Such a gentle dog. Don't know what to say really except to treasure the memories.

Jon said...

I think that's the way most people first met Merlin. He was a big dog or as some said, a small horse - but those that knew him could see his gentleness come through despite his size.

Thanks for the comment Maryanne.

Big Gus said...

He used to bark once at my car when I pulled up in the driveway. I think he was too buggered after that effort to ever have a go at me. What a gentle old soul.
Miss you Merlin.

Jon said...

Heh, the old single bark. I remember that. Thanks for commenting big gus.

Jan said...

Merlin was mine and then he was your's, his early years were spent taking his role of property and my personal guardian very seriously, at times overwhelmingly protective but alway gentle with the kids and he just adored babies. He came to you in his retirement years..You and Cilla gave him a home with surroundings and the space he was used to, he loved his play time, his favorite plants and the evening stroll behind the Ute, a bit more sedate in his latter years than the 50kph runs with his best mate Roxy.. we will all miss him, there will never be another "Merlin Puppy".