Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day Explosions

Okay, so I had a slack blogging month. That's because there has been nothing to blog about. But today there was a little bit of excitement. Some guys that are working on the Kirkwood Road Project came around and asked me if they could put a sensor near my house to detect the effect of the explosives they are using to blast away rock on the road construction. So that was pretty cool. Nothing like some big explosions to start the day.

They used a little box full of sensors which stood on four little spikes that stuck into the ground and a little microphone on a stand next to it. I was going to take a photo of it but our little digital camera died a couple of weeks ago. Then they left to set up a second sensor on the other side of the blast area because they needed two sensors within 500m of the blast site to take their measurements. The guy told me that it measures sound, vibration, temperature, time of day and several other things and was sensitive enough to detect people walking anywhere near it. One of them came back to keep an eye on the sensor while the blasting took place. I could hear the chatter on his two-way radio - warning sirens, people checking in and giving all clear and then the ten second countdown. About five or six cracks went off in quick succession and it was over. From my place I couldn't see anything, but you could certainly hear it. I thought the sound would be a deeper booming sound but it was more like gunshots.

Pretty cool though. Some excitement for the day!

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