Thursday, June 12, 2008

iPhone and WWDC

The 9th of June marked the opening of the WWDC '08, Apple's World Wide Developers Conference where they've just announced the new and updated iPhone 3G. And that's about it. They talked about the iPhone. And not much else. No Apple TV, no new touch interfaces, no iMac overhaul, no games console, a little about the next version of OS X, but pretty much it was all about iPhone 3G and the stuff they're making to support it.

So lets go over it a little bit shall we?

iPhone 3G is to be released in Australia on July 11th. Don't actually expect to get one on that day as demand is expected to outstrip supply on a scale that rivals the Wii.

Telstra don't look to have it. They made some snide comments about how Apple should stick to making computers and keep out of the mobile phone market about a year ago. Apple may be feeding Telstra some humble-pie for their arrogance.

Optus and Vodafone do appear to have it - although neither have released pricing details yet. There has been mention of a pre-paid option suggesting you could buy the phone without a contract which appeals to me - I use a telstra pre-paid phone at the moment.

The thing is with Optus and Vodafone is that their 3G networks are pretty much exclusive to the capital cities. Outside of these areas they're coverage is minimal with a 900MHz 3G which is incompatible with the 3G iPhone, so when you're in these areas your iPhone will have to switch to the much slower 2.5G (EDGE) network. Telstra have rolled out an extensive 3G network that runs at 850MHz which the iPhone 3G can run on, but so far it doesn't look like you can get a iPhone through Telstra. That means that if I were to buy an iPhone 3G to use where I live in regional Queensland, my iPhone 3G won't actually connect to a 3G network... unless I jailbreak it to work on the Telstra network. But if it's pre-paid, it shouldn't be locked to a network provider should it? I've never been good with mobile phones...

Anyhoo.... iPhone 3G has Google Maps with built in GPS - cool. It's got Wi-Fi Internet browsing and it's capable of playing games. A 2 MP camera is on the back and it comes in 8GB and 16GB varieties. The 8GB looks pretty much like the old iPhone except a bit thinner and has a black back instead of the aluminium back. the 16GB gives you the choice of a black back or a white back. I'd still choose black.

They mentioned something about the next Mac OS at WWDC too which apparently will be called Snow Leopard. Meh.

Games are coming out for Mac. People are pushing for development. I'm going to try out this trial of CrossOver Games by Codeweavers which will apparently let me play Guild Wars on the mac without loading Windows on it at all. More on that when I try it out.

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