Thursday, July 06, 2006

Google Video

Most people who know me will know this picture. It made the front page of The Observer and was also entered into the Martin Hanson Awards. Thanks again Jac.

I uploaded my first Google Video. It's of a snake eating a paddemelon or it might have been a wallaby. Due to the ignorance in the world at large about Australian marsupials I called it "Snake eats a kangaroo" It's not my footage, but the tapes ended up with me so I whacked it together, censored the swearing slightly, and posted it on Google Video.

I shot my second news job today. My footage made up the first two stories of WIN news tonight. It was pretty cool to see my footage on the tele. Everyone else is as excited as me about it, if not more so.

My wedding video advert went in The Observer today in the Brides and Bouquets section. It's been in a couple of Port Curtis Posts but I have yet to catch one of them, seeing as we don't get a copy out where we live.

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